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Typhonium Plus

Typhonium flagelliforme

After your doctor confirms that you have cancer, the next step is to discuss cancer treatment options with you.

The main objective of this cancer treatment is to cure. Second objectives of your cancer treatment are to prolong life and improve patient’s life quality.

Usually your treatment options will depend on your cancer type, size and location of the tumor, whether the cancer has spread, and your overall health status.

In the next phase of your life, you may soon be familiar with common terminology in cancer treatment, such as: surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, biologic therapy and transplant option.

The basic principle in cancer treatment is to remove the tumor before it has spread. Thus placing surgery as first line option therapy. If the tumor is too big to be removed, then doctor may suggest a radiation therapy to reduce the size of the tumor before surgery. This is called neo-adjuvant therapy.

For an invasive case, your doctor may suggest chemotherapy after surgery. This is called adjuvant therapy.

If your cancer has spread to other organ and surgery is not possible, doctor may suggest a direct chemotherapy instead, thus killing the tumor by administering high toxic drugs through your blood stream.

Targeted therapy, biologic therapy and transplant are other cancer treatment options used in a complex case, like advance stage cancer or recurrent cancer.

What are the key factors for your cancer treatment to be successful ?

FIRST: Know your Cancer as well as yourself
To win this battle, you need to know your enemy. Cancer develops because of toxic accumulation in your body and long term impairment of your body’s immune system. It’s caused by complex factors that are rooted in bad habits and or unhealthy lifestyle .

Cancer is only the RESULT. Your lifestyle is the main PROBLEM.
If you focus only in killing cancer with all sorts of cancer treatments without caring about your lifestyle, then don’t be surprised it may reoccur one day.

The most difficult yet most crucial part in your cancer treatment is to change your habits, your food, etc. We all hate that. But nothing is worth more than your life now.

SECOND: You got to believe
You are what you think. If you think that cancer cannot be cured, then your body will act accordingly (in the negative ways). Change your mind: always think that CANCER can be cured just like any other disease. Always have a positive mental attitude especially during your cancer treatment.

THIRD: Act More, Worry Less
The cancer treatment procedures may be detrimental to your emotional well-being. During this time, your best respond is to act more and worry less. Whenever worry occupies you, quickly find activities like doing exercise, hobbies, listen to music, pray, do yoga, etc.

FORTH: Food that Matter
At this point, food contributes so much that they can heal you or kill you. We are amazed to see how people with advanced stage cancer could smoke, drink liquor or eat barbeque easily without burden. This time your body need to support it’s immune system from healthy food (fibers, fruits and veggies, etc) and herbs/supplements.

In conclusion, we just want to say that there is real HOPE in your cancer treatment. But the decision is all yours. Support your cancer treatment by pursuing a healthier lifestyle. CHANGE is a must if you want to survive!

Good luck in your cancer treatment!

Compiled from many sources by:
For more inquiries/input, please contact us in: cs@cancerhelps.com

Typhonium Plus a natural supplement from Typhonium Flagelliforme helps to combat cancer/tumor and stimulate the forming of anti bodies.

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