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Cancer Cure

"Can cancer be cured?" Many cancer patients address this question so many times during their life journey with cancer.

It had seemed to be easy to combat cancer at first. But when you realize that the progress is slow, painful and without clarity, you may be frustrated.

Fortunately there is a lot of help out there to guide you to your definition of cancer cure depending on what you mean as cancer cure. Your doctor may use another word: remission (a condition where cancer is no longer evidenced in tests, scans and x-rays).

In searching for cancer cure, there are many choices of cancer treatments from east to west. The good news is that the earlier the cancer is discovered, the greater the chances of treating it successfully. Early detection also means that less extensive and less expensive treatment will be required.

But again, is there one single cancer cure formula/potion to kill cancer? Unfortunately the answer is: NO.

Cancer is a very complex yet specific disease. There is no simple cure. You need to find your own formulation of cancer cure. By actively searching your own answer for cancer cure, you can obtain progress in fighting cancer.

These are the things to ponder during your journey to find your own cancer cure (adding to your conventional cancer treatment):
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Vitamins and supplements (herbs)
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Spirituality
  • Support group
  • Hobby
Now letís discuss 2 most important things : Diet and Herbs.

It is true that cancer is due to accumulated toxic in your body and long term impairment of your bodyís immune system. Much poisoning of the body has been caused by the use of improper foods, such as meat, dairy products, white sugar, white flour, white rice, along with the use of liquor, tobacco, coffee, soda and all other denatured foods. Thus changing your diet to a healthier one, may keep your bodyís immune system high.

Researchers at the University of Victoria in British Columbia did a careful follow up on 200 persons who underwent a "spontaneous remission of cancer". They found that 87% of those persons had switched diets, usually to a vegetarian diet.

However, when you deal with aggressive cancer treatment, like chemotherapy or radiation therapy, eating healthy food only is not enough. You need vitamins and supplements (herbs) to uplift your general health condition. The traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) approach is one thing to look for. Ancient chinese literatures have recognised the existence of cancer since around 1600 BC (compare to chemotherapy from 20th century).

Good luck in your endeavour for cancer cure !

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Compiled by: www.cancerhelps.com

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