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Cancer Herbs

TCM Approach to Cancer Treatment

In searching for anti-cancer herbs, let’s learn the TCM way for cancer treatment. Ancient literature in traditional Chinese medicine has recognised the existence of cancer (“liu yan” meaning lump as hard as rock or “zhong yang” meaning inflamed ulcers) since around 1600 BC. Detailed descriptions of various types of cancer were recorded from around 200 BC. Since that time, various medical strategies have been evolved to manage cancer.

TCM approach treat cancer from a more balanced and integrative approach than orthodox western medicine. While western medicine aggressively attack the cancer cells, TCM support and restore healthy parts of the body that enable patient to tolerate and recover soon from conventional therapies, thus let them survive with an improved quality of life.

Since cancer is a complex disease, it usually takes a comprehensive approach to treat this disease. A TCM physician may employ some combination of holistic methods to uplift patient’s general health condition through organ functioning, body resistance, immune booster, and so on. Specific anti-cancer herbs like curcuma zedoria may also be used to attack some cancer cells directly.

Anti-cancer herbs used in Chinese medicine are derived from plant, animal, and mineral substances.The unique characteristic of Chinese herbal medicine is the degree to which formulation is done. A formula usually contains at least four to twenty herbs.

Anti-cancer herbs formula ideally should have at least one of these properties:
  • Reduce Stagnation.
  • The accumulation (tumor) is attacked with strong blood breaking and anti-cancer herbs. Because many patients receive chemotherapy, and because toxicity may be a disease factor, anti-toxic herbs are often added.
  • Strengthen the Immune System and balance the body.
  • Reduce excess and supplement deficiencies. Most important is the body's immune energy (wei qi) which must be heightened to help subdue the cancer process. One or more herbs are also included to strengthen digestion and absorption of the cancer medicine.
  • Eliminate the Root Causes of the Cancer.
  • To prevent recurrence. We must seek to understand what is the cause, or the causes.

In creating the anti-cancer herbs formula, the TCM practitioner considers the effect or outcome of the remedy, such as clearing toxic heat, strengthening the immune system, supplying blood, softening lumps or detoxifying. The prescription of herbal remedies takes a TCM practitioner years to master because it requires a deep understanding of medical theory and the complexity of herbs.

A modern way to deliver herbs is through granulated herbs (highly concentrated powdered extracts) that is taken in hot water to recreate the decoction. This eliminates the need to prepare the herbs at home, but still retains much of the original decoction's potency. Typhonium Plus® is one example of anti-cancer herbs which is formulated through modern technology.

Source: http://www.tcmpage.com/herbal_therapy.html

Typhonium Plus a natural supplement from Typhonium Flagelliforme / Keladi Tikus helps to combat cancer/tumor and stimulate the forming of anti bodies.

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